Gianna Tasha Tomasso is a Scottish born writer, researcher  and visual artist, based in Co. Clare, Ireland.


With work ranging in subject  matter from a focus on the conditions and institutions of visual culture and the new paradigm of the culture industries to transdisciplinary art and research practices in a pedagogical context. Gianna is currently working on a durational socially engaged work with members of the travelling community.

Gianna has produced a number of works which deal with memory as a non linear process in grief induced by traumatic loss.


Gianna is currently working on collaborative projects which have research as  process and outcome.

Gianna is currently Art Editor at An Ait Eile

Gianna is currently undertaking a research scholarship in Limerick School of Art and Design.  Research documentation can be found here

Gianna is founder of The Centre for Creative Transdisciplinarity (TCCT)


In 2015 Gianna founded StudioNine, a 2000sq ft artist led studio in North Galway. She is also part of the collective in/Form Art, along with visual and performance artist Suzi Coombs.