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Artist, writer, academic, researcher...

Doctoral researcher - Theoretical and Phenomenological Transdisciplinarity and Art and Design Pedagogy

I am an assistant lecturer in Limerick School of Art and Design on MA Interdisciplinary design Practice teaching Research Methods and Collaborative Practice. I am a  doctoral researcher in the ACADEmy Research Cluster in the Department of Fine Art in Limerick School of Art and Design. 


I am currently working towards instructional design in the digital space, using Articulate 360 and Captivate.

I am the recipient of a New Foundations Irish Research Council Grant for research with the group Creative Collaboration Limerick.


I am a research assistant working with a researcher in the field of sociology of education. 

I am currently working on a 1 year funded Learning Enhancement Project to create digital learning supports. 
I write about art. 
I teach online. 
I am co founder of CreativeCo-Lab -

If you are a transdisciplinary artist please contact me at

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